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Strange Sparks From The Witch's Hut

Contents Of Package: One [1] small, artistic, eccentric, eclectic, dyke Witch. Guaranteed unique. Damaged, handle with care. Self esteem component is not included with this model. Immune system has been disabled. Enhanced listening feature. Oversized heart. Cuddling feature has been maximized. Turbo-charged sense of humour. Ferret- and cat-compatible. Links easily to other products. As is. No returns.

Recommended Maintenance: Requires daily hugs, humour and intellectual stimulation. Frequent socialization is necessary for optimum performance. Minor problems may be remedied by the application of snuggles and chocolate. Will self-correct many problems with the assistance of certified therapists. Divine intervention may occasionally be necessary.

Warning: This product is highly authentic. As such, it emits high levels of honesty, individuality and self-expression. Engage at your own risk.

"No Pity" icon is by perpetualbeauty